About Us:

Kammetal is a full-service metal fabrication company specializing in the field of architectural and ornamental metals.  Our design, engineering and fabrication experience is varied in scope and materials, ranging from large-scale, complex architectural projects to high-end furniture and lighting prototyping and production.  Utilizing the latest in digital fabrication technology and software, we can assist with detailed design, 3D modeling, engineering and material selection for your project, assuring realization of your vision.

Our mission is to provide exemplary service for your metal project requirements, with inventive solutions, state-of-the-art equipment and world-class craftsmanship.  Regardless of the scale of your project, Kammetal looks forward to serving your metal fabrication needs.


Kammetal was founded in 2001 by Sam Kusack with the goal of serving the ornamental and architectural metal fabrication industry.  In the last 12 years we have expanded our range of fabrication capabilities, technical knowledge and industry experience.  Kammetal has worked to develop and strengthen partnerships with equipment manufacturers, metal suppliers, and specialty sub-contractors.  In turn, Kammetal offers a wide range of services and solutions to our clients.


Our process begins with a thorough examination of design intent, project feasibility and a detailed review of project specifications. Our experienced staff of Project Managers, Engineers and Designers will assure that your project goals are met and that any challenges that arise are solved creatively, while maintaining the design constraints particular to each project.

We look forward to reviewing your project requirements and assisting in the development and realization of your ideas into a final product.  For further information, or to obtain a quote, please submit the required information through the forms found on the contact page.


Kammetal is always looking for talented and driven people to join our team.  Please see our open job listing page to apply for employment.