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Metal Fabricators:

Kammetal is seeking motivated and dedicated Metal Fabricators to join our team. There are currently multiple positions available: entry level, mid level and senior

To qualify for this position candidates must have the following skills and experience:

- Minimum 3 Years metal fabrication/welding experience  

-MIG / TIG - Steel, Stainless Steel, brass and Aluminum 

-Ability to understand shop drawings and welding symbols

-Ability to independently layout and fixture semi-complex weldments

-Familiarity with calipers and decimal inches (Fractional to 1/32) (.001)

-Excellent communication skills

-Punctual, organized and trustworthy

-Ability to work with others and efficiently independently

-Experience using grinders and hand tools to obtain perfect finishes

-Experience with Saw cutting (including angle cutting)

-Simple machining knowledge and experience: Drill Press, Tapping etc

-Knowledge of various metal finishing techniques


To apply and to be considered for this position, please submit a resume and brief written description of work objectives, future plans, past work experience and why your are the right candidate for this position.



Regardless of our current postings, Kammetal is always looking for the best in brightest in the industry.  If you have exceptional qualifications and are interested in working with us, please reach out.